Emergency Dentist in Jackson MS

Dental Emergency in Jackson MSThere are times that you may experience a dental emergency and require service. Despite the most careful attention to dental hygiene, mishaps can happen. While certain situations are unavoidable, it’s important to take care of dental emergencies. A temporary issue can turn into a permanent one if it is not handled quickly. This is why we provide an Emergency Dental Service.

Always Ready For A Dental Emergency

Abcess Treatment

An abscess can develop quickly and without warning. An abscess is a form of infection and can occur for a variety of reasons. They can form between two teeth or surround a tooth. They are very painful and require immediate attention. Until you’re able to make an appointment with us, swish warm salt water in your mouth. This can help to alleviate pain and reduce the amount of bacteria present in the mouth.

Chipped Teeth

Chipped teeth can be problematic. Depending upon how much of the tooth’s surface has been broken, extreme pain may be experienced. It’s important to try to salvage the tooth. Keep any broken pieces so that we can reattach it. If your broken tooth bleeds, apply clean gauze to stop the bleeding. To prevent and treat swelling, apply a cold compress.

Dental Crown Replacement

A tooth that has lost a crown can produce substantial pain as well. Just feeling air on the exposed tooth is extremely painful, and you may wish to avoid talking until the crown can be placed back on the tooth. It’s best to keep your mouth closed as much as possible. Bring in your crown so that a new one will not have to be made.


A common toothache can put your day on hold. Toothaches can make talking, eating and smiling painful. It is not advisable to place aspirin on a tooth that has pain as aspirin can thin the blood. If your tooth requires extraction, thin blood will make it difficult for the gums to clot. Until you are able to make a dental visit, gently floss around the tooth to dislodge anything that may be there. Use warm salt water in the mouth to kill germs.

If one of your teeth has come out, it’s important to have it promptly reinserted. If this cannot be done quickly, placing the tooth in table salt or milk can help to preserve the tooth. It’s essential to make an appointment as soon as possible to avoid permanent loss.

There are other dental emergencies that can occur, such as having a foreign object stuck in your gums. Despite your best efforts to remove the object, it may prove unsuccessful. Whatever your need feel free to give us a call, we are here to assist you to help you get on with your day. Our Emergency Dental Service is available to you around the clock. We understand that dental emergencies can happen at any time. Prompt attention to a dental emergency will help to prevent pain and permanent damage.