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Protecting Smiles with Tooth Sealant Expertise

Even if it is a normal occurrence, chewing can still damage the surfaces of your teeth.  It may be considered as a win and loss and that’s why Mosal Dental in Jackson MS Care offers you tooth or dental sealant to protect your teeth from damage.  A disease named dental caries is the root cause of damage to the surface of your teeth.  Although it is beneficial because its bacteria can break down and ferment foods faster, it can also destroy the top covering of your teeth.  Molars and premolars are the most exposed to this damage thus, they are the ones usually to receive tooth sealant.

Tooth Sealant in Jackson MS

Tooth sealant varies between adults and children. Its main purpose is to stop or lessen the development of dental caries. This also prevents decaying of teeth. If you need emergency dentistry services, please contact us.

How to Apply Tooth Sealants

One of the most common questions surrounding dental or teeth sealants is if it would hurt or not.  No, it will not hurt if sealants are placed on the teeth, it’s absolutely painless.  Here are the simple steps for dental sealant:

  1. The teeth, as well as the mouth, are cleaned thoroughly.  Particular attention will be focused on the teeth needed to be sealed. This procedure is done by a dentist for a better and more precise cleaning.
  2. The mouth is rinsed with water to take out all the chemical substances.
  3. The teeth where the sealant is supposed to be covered is then dried by your dentist.
  4. An acidic solution or mixture is placed on your teeth to make sure it stays dry.  This is otherwise called a dental dam.  The reason for having your teeth dry is to make the dental adhesive and the sealant connect.
  5. The adhesive is added and allowed to dry.
  6. The sealant is then added to the dry surface of the teeth.
  7. You wait for the sealant to dry.

Tooth sealant can be very helpful to you.  It comes with a lot of benefits.  Some of these benefits include:

  • Protection.  It adds a specific layer that protects your teeth from being damaged and prevents harsh bacteria in your mouth.
  • Lessens Sensitivity. If you are suffer from sensitive teeth, tooth sealants can protect your teeth and numbs it so you can enjoy your meal properly.
  • Cost Efficient.  Because it lasts, you can save a lot of money in the duration.

A regular checkup can be good for you and your oral hygiene, learn more about our general dentistry services. Mosal Dental Care provides you with professional service for all your dental needs! Contact us now to schedule an appointment or inquiries about tooth sealant in Jackson MS.


Why Get Sealants?

Despite diligent brushing and flossing, it can be challenging to completely clean the hard-to-reach crevices in the back teeth, leaving them susceptible to decay. Mosal Dental Care offers a solution to safeguard these vulnerable areas: dental sealants. These protective coatings help prevent tooth decay by effectively sealing out plaque and food debris.

Who Can Benefit from Dental Sealants?

Mosal Dental Care recommends dental sealants for a variety of patients, with a focus on:

Children and teenagers: Given the higher risk of developing decay in the grooves of premolars and molars, young individuals are prime candidates for sealants. Sealants provide an extra layer of defense during the cavity-prone years between ages 6 and 14.

Adults with healthy molars: Even adults without decay or fillings in their molars can reap the benefits of dental sealants, preserving their oral health for years to come.

Early intervention for children: Ideally, children should receive sealants on their permanent premolars and molars as soon as they emerge. This proactive measure helps protect their teeth during their most cavity-prone years.

Baby teeth with deep grooves: In certain cases, dental sealants may be suitable for baby teeth that have pronounced depressions and grooves. Since baby teeth are crucial for maintaining the proper spacing for permanent teeth, keeping them healthy prevents premature loss and alignment issues.


Maintaining Dental Sealants with Mosal Dental Care: Simple and Effective

Caring for your dental sealants from Mosal Dental Care is a breeze, as they seamlessly integrate into your daily oral hygiene routine. To ensure the longevity and effectiveness of your dental sealants, follow these easy guidelines:

  • Consistent oral hygiene: Continue to brush and floss your teeth, as usual, to maintain overall oral health, ensuring your dental sealants remain effective.
  • Regular dental visits: Schedule routine appointments with Mosal Dental Care to monitor the condition of your dental sealants and receive professional advice on their upkeep.
  • Avoid using teeth as tools: Protect your dental sealants by refraining from using your teeth to open packages, crack nuts, or break objects, as this can cause unnecessary wear or damage.
  • Inform new dental professionals: If you happen to visit a different dentist, make sure to mention your dental sealants, allowing them to assess and monitor your condition accordingly.
  • Keep an eye on sealant wear: Over time, dental sealants will naturally wear away. Regular check-ups with your dentist at Mosal Dental Care will help determine if and when reapplication is needed.


Experience Long-lasting Protection with Mosal Dental Care’s Dental Sealants

Dental sealants from Mosal Dental Care provide reliable protection against tooth decay for an extended period. You can enjoy the benefits of dental sealants for up to a decade with proper care and maintenance. However, it is essential to ensure their longevity and effectiveness by keeping up with regular dental check-ups.

During these check-ups, your dentist at Mosal Dental Care will assess the following:

Sealant integrity: Inspecting the sealants for any signs of chipping or wear is crucial for maintaining their effectiveness. Our dentists will closely monitor your sealants and recommend replacements when necessary.

Early detection of decay: If decay begins to form under a sealant that is starting to wear, our dental professionals can promptly identify these areas with the help of dental X-rays. This early detection allows for timely intervention and prevention of further damage.

Appropriate treatment: Once the decay is detected beneath a worn sealant, Mosal Dental Care will provide the suitable treatment, such as applying a new sealant or placing a small filling. This ensures that the issue is resolved before it progresses.


Reasons to Choose Mosal Dental Care for Your Tooth Sealants

Mosal Dental Care is an excellent choice for dental sealants, thanks to our commitment to providing top-quality dental care and exceptional patient experiences. Here are some reasons why you should choose us for your tooth sealant needs:

  • Expertise: Our skilled dental professionals are highly experienced in applying dental sealants and are dedicated to providing high-quality care for patients of all ages.
  • Comprehensive Dental Care: We offer a full range of dental services, including preventive, restorative, and cosmetic treatments, ensuring that all your dental needs are met under one roof.
  • Personalized Approach: At Mosal Dental Care, we tailor our treatment plans to each individual’s unique needs, ensuring that you receive the most appropriate and effective care for your specific situation.
  • Advanced Technology: We utilize state-of-the-art dental technology and equipment to provide accurate diagnoses, enhance treatment outcomes, and improve patient comfort.
  • Patient Education: We believe in empowering our patients with knowledge about their oral health. Our team will take the time to explain the benefits of dental sealants and provide guidance on maintaining your sealants for long-lasting protection.
  • Comfortable Environment: Our clinic is designed to provide a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere, ensuring that you feel comfortable and at ease throughout your treatment.
  • Prevention-focused: Mosal Dental Care emphasizes preventive care, and dental sealants are an integral part of our approach to keeping your teeth healthy and free from decay.
  • Flexible Scheduling: We understand that our patients have busy lives, which is why we offer flexible appointment scheduling to accommodate your needs.
  • Insurance and Financing Options: We accept a variety of insurance plans and offer financing options to help make dental care more accessible and affordable for our patients.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long will sealants last?

  • The sealants could for several last years.

Will sealants make teeth feel different?

  • No, the sealants will not make the teeth feel differently.

Will it hurt to get a sealant?

  • No, getting a sealant will not hurt.

When can my child get sealants?

  • Children’s age for getting sealants can vary, usually within 6 to 12 years old.

How important is brushing and flossing after sealants are applied?

  • Dental hygiene is always important for everyone, and that includes brushing and flossing.

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