Oral Cancer Screening in Jackson MS

Oral Cancer Screening at Mosal Dental Care in Jackson MS

Compared to other types of cancer, oral cancer is not quite as well known by many. However, it does not change the fact that it can be deadly and dangerous. One of the biggest problems with oral cancer is the fact that it cannot easily be recognized. That’s why having your mouth checked by a professional is always advised.

Oral Cancer Screening in Jackson MS

Although cancer knows no age barrier, sufferers tend to be from around 40 years old upwards. However, studies are now showing that even younger generations are now starting to become victims of the disease.

What are the Causes of Oral Cancer?

  • HPV16. One of the most common causes of oral cancer is HPV16 or the Human Papilloma Virus. This virus is considered a sexually-transmitted disease. Though, HPV16 usually occurs in the cervix or genitals, it can also affect the mouth and throat of the victim.
  • Alcohol Intake. Another reason would be heavy drinking, especially intake of strong liquor.
  • Smoking. Habitual smoking or even occasional smoking but done over a long period of time can become a possible cause of oral cancer.
  • Sunburn. Frequent exposure to the sun can cause your lips to develop cancer this is because of its thin surface.
  • Genetics. Undeniably, cancer has been known to be passed on through the genes.

What are the Indications of Oral Cancer?

Here are some the signs or symptoms that indicate you might be in danger or suffering from oral cancer:

  1. Sores.  The appearance of sores, especially large ones, can indicate that what you are suffering from may be oral cancer. Most sores usually appear in your mouth, on the tongue, and on the lips. Although, most of the time, sores are not associated with cancer, if it lasts longer than 2 weeks, it is best to get it checked.
  2. Swells.  When a lot of bumps or crusts or any abnormal deformation occur in your mouth, especially around your lips and gums, and the inside of your mouth, start to appear.
  3. Ear Pain. If the part of your ear directly connected to your jawline may be an indication.
  4. Eating Problems. When you have a hard time eating; chewing and swallowing your food becomes difficult.
  5. Bleeding.  Your mouth starts bleeding without any logical reason.

These are just some of the signs, if you notice these symptoms happening to you, contact us immediately for a proper oral cancer screening in Jackson MS. For a safer solution, have your oral screening and get a general dental checkup regularly. Mosal Dental Care is here to diagnose you professionally.

FAQs on Oral Cancer Screening in Jackson MS

How can I prevent oral cancer?

  • Getting regular dental check-ups, not smoking or using smokeless tobacco are just some helpful tips to prevent oral cancer. Learn more about preventive dentistry.

Why is oral cancer so dangerous?

  • Oral cancer is dangerous because it can kill you if undetected or not treated.

Who is most at risk for oral cancer?

  • People who smoke and drink alcohol or do smokeless tobacco is at risk most for oral cancer.

Is an Oral Cancer Screening a standard part of my checkup?

  • Yes, oral cancer screening is a standard part of check-ups. If you need an emergency dental service, please contact us.

How do I find a dental practice that offers Oral Cancer Screenings?

  • Oral cancer screenings should be a regular protocol done by dental practitioners and finding one should not be difficult.

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