Tooth Abscess Treatment in Jackson MS

Tooth Abscess Treatment in Jackson MS

An abscess can be caused by many factors such as inflammation of hair follicles, minor punctures or breaks of the skin, or the obstruction of the sweat or the sebaceous glands. The germs will then get under the glands or into the skin that causes inflammation as the body’s defenses are trying to fight off the germs. Maybe it’s time to get an oral cancer screening to be on the safe side.

An abscess can be treated using antibiotics, a surgery, or a drainage procedure. For small abscesses, a surgery or a draining procedure may no longer be necessary since the pus will just drain naturally. Applying warm compress on the affected area will help speed up the healing process and reduce the swelling. Get in touch with our dental team for more information on this. Call us today for help with tooth abscess treatment in Jackson MS.

For severe cases, a surgery may be necessary.

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