Dental Bonding in Jackson MS

Smile Makeovers with Precision – Dental Bonding

If you have gaps in your teeth or if you recently had a chip or crack, consider dental bonding with Mosal Dental Care in Jackson MS. We can remedy that and have your teeth looking good as new. Dental bonding can solve a variety of issues, these include small cracks in your teeth, chipped teeth, uneven spacing and other problems that can easily be covered or bonded. Find out if you need a dental bridge instead.

Dental Bonding in Jackson MS

However, there are requirements for dental bonding. The requirements are as follows:

  • Poor Health. You must be in good health because health equates to stronger teeth and this makes dental bonding easier.
  • Decay.  If you have decayed or decaying teeth, dental bonding is no use as it only covers the decay but it would not stop it. If you need preventive dentistry contact us.
  • Infection.  If your teeth are infected, then dental bonding is not advised. Bonding infected teeth would only cover that tooth but the infection would spread and it becomes harder to remove.
  • Bad or Damaged Form. The structure of your teeth while growing might not be suitable. Some might even be needed for extraction. If so, it is not advisable to bond irregular or deformed teeth.

Dental Bonding Process in Jackson MS

The process of dental bonding is safe and painless. Due to its simplicity and ease, the patient will not have to undergo anesthesia. The process is as follows:

  1. The dentist will prepare the substance used for bonding (a resin compound). There are different shades of resin to match your teeth color to making it appear completely natural.
  2. The resin is then applied to the tooth or teeth with damage.
  3. The dentist will then apply some of the resin to neighboring teeth to make them appear more symmetrical.
  4. After they are secured, the resin is then hardened with a specialized lamp.
  5. The teeth are also polished to give it that smooth and shiny appearance.

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Dental Bond Care

Although dental bonding is designed to last, it is best to look after and maintain the compound to have it last for years to come. Here are some tips for better dental bond care:

  1. Avoid using the bonded teeth to bite into hard things. This mostly applies to teeth bonded in the front.
  2. When your teeth have just recently been bonded, try to avoid eating hard and chewy foods.
  3. Avoid acidic and citric foods such as pineapple, tomatoes, and vinegar.
  4. Stop or lessen the intake and usage of tobacco, red wine, coffee, tea, and other food that would stain the teeth and resin.
  5. Use regular toothpaste as they are safe for resin.

And, of course, it is best to always have your teeth checked by a professional that cares. Have Mosal Dental Care provide you with checkups and maintenance. Contact us today for dental bonding in Jackson MS.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my dental bonding last?

  • Dental bondings can last for years but still depends on patient’s habits.

How many visits will I need to schedule?

  • Usually, you’ll just need one visit.

What should I expect during treatment?

  • You can expect the treatment to be pain-free.

Do I need to take special care of my bonded teeth?

  • Yes, do not bite down on hard food, bite fingernails, chew on pens, grind teeth, etc.

How do I know if I qualify as a candidate for bonding?

  • Consult with your dentist to know if you qualify as a candidate for dental bonding.

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